The Villa da VinciExclusive space
for leisure, recovery and inspiration

The name Leonardo da Vinci stands for complete mastery. A high aspiration, which the da Vinci villa complex meets in every respect. It takes the clear lines, organic shapes and, last but not least, the recurring symmetry of nature, and transforms it into artistic, modern architecture. It features light fronts, soft curves and wide, high windows. The high windows are the classic barrier between inside and outside, between green and living space. The result is an exclusive living space which is close to nature and flooded with light, all within walking distance of the urban centre of Potsdam.

On the street side, the da Vinci villa complex shows its strongly urban side. The clear lines create a contemporary aesthetic, the high-quality wooden elements preserve the visual connection with nature. The da Vinci villa complex is located down a quiet private road that is inaccessible for through traffic.

The Villa da Vinci

Both villas in the complex feature generous, lovingly designed garden plots. Let your gaze wander across broad lawns, delicate blossoms, and the many treetops inthe traditional Potsdam Villa Quarter in the Berlin suburbs.

Villa da Vinci - The film